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The history of Artel brand began in 2011, when it was decided to put into operation industrial sectors producing a family of home appliances under own trademark.

Establishment of a new business line is based on signing a strategic cooperation contract with recognized leaders in this field, namely:  Samsung , South Korean brand,  Midea , well-known Chinese company, Gloria, one of the best Italian manufacturers, and Odul, major Turkish producer.

It is a known fact that if you want to be in demand and strive to retain first place in the market, you need to constantly give out something new, original, attractive in form and outstanding with interesting content. Each employee of  Artel  possesses creative thinking, generates ideas, makes plans, and tries to turn them into reality.

The basic principle of  Artel  is manufacturing of high-quality, modern high-tech products for consumers who value comfort, simple solutions and classics of the genre. Stylish ergonomic design, certified raw materials and the most automated filling prove the image of  Artel  as the manufacturer of home appliances for people with good taste and high consumer demands.


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