About trademark


The production of household appliances under the brand name Shivaki started in Uzbekistan in particular at the plants of ARTEL, in 2014.


Today the world brand Shivaki is famous in 25 countries as one of the most successful manufacturers of household appliances and electronic goods. A wide range of its high-quality products enjoys trust of the consumers, as Shivaki works only with reliable suppliers and contracts for the production of goods under its own brand exclusively companies that have been certified and meet the quality standards of Shivaki brand.


Shivaki company originates from the Land of the rising sun – Japan. The young company entered the market of electronic engineering in 1988 manufacturing the colour television sets, cassette audio and video equipment. In the beginning the company was not properly staffed. As there weren´t any engineering experts and designers, the company acquired necessary kits and parts of popular brands that allowed it successfully manufacture high-quality equipment and sell it to the consumer. The design meanwhile was a total responsibility of the young professionals working for the start-up company.


Due to the thoroughly developed strategy, Shivaki company has achieved recognition of the world market. The essence of the strategy from the very beginning was to address the demand of the diverse consumers groups. The company management believed that any modern device had to be affordable and not expensive. It is worth to point out that both at that time and today all products of Shivaki company were not inferior in materials quality, assembly and functionality to the most popular and expensive brands.


Over time, the company successfully expanded its production, gained Asian market, opened representative offices in the United States, its fame spread throughout Europe. The company demonstrated that they had developed the strategy that really worked. Value for money – that’s the only secret of its success.