Term of warranty (“Warranty”) is 12 months from the date of sale of the product. The moment of transfer of goods to the Buyer is determined by the sale date mark of the Seller’s company in the warranty certificate.

“Warranty” includes replacement of the products with interplant flaws (defects) when it is impossible to eliminate them at an authorized service center during 30 days.

Free maintenance service for the products (except for cellular phones) is 36 months from the date of sale.

Term of warranty (“Warranty”) for cellular phones is one month, and free maintenance service is 12 months from the date of sale.

After expiry of the warranty service, free maintenance service includes repairs at the expense of the manufacturing factory with 100% repayment of the spare parts by the Buyer.

Free maintenance service under warranty is exclusively performed in authorized service centers located within the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, upon presentation by the owner of the warranty certificate which determines the date of the sale of the product to the Buyer. Addresses and phone numbers of authorized service centers can be found at www.artel.uz

Repair and replacement of parts are performed in a stationary workshop of the service center upon presentation by the Buyer of warranty certificate correctly filled in (obligatorily indicating the product’s serial number, the date of the product’s sale, the store’s stamp, the signatures of the Seller and the Buyer).

Replacement of any defective parts within the warranty period or the period of maintenance service does not lead to establishment of a new warranty period. After each free maintenance service, the authorized service center shall enter the information on made maintenance service into the warranty certificate. “Warrantee” does not include installation of the product, its configuration at the place of the Buyer, replacement of parts due to their natural wear, replacement of consumables (filters, etc.), periodic maintenance (cleaning, dust removal, etc.) .

To avoid any possible misunderstanding please keep the documents attached to the product when it is sold during service life (warranty certificate, user manual, etc.).

Warranty and free maintenance service do not apply to the products the failures of which have arisen as a result of the following:

  1. Violation by the consumer of the rules of installation, operation, storage or transportation of the product.
  2. Actions of third parties:
  • Repair or making constructional or sheet-oriented changes unauthorized by the manufacturer by persons not authorized by «ARTEL»;
  • Deviation from the State Technical Standards (GOST) of norms of supply, cable and gas networks;
  • Improper installation and improper connection of the product.
  1. Force majeure (elements, fire, lightning, etc.)
  2. Use of the product for business (i.e., not for household use)
  3. Damage caused by animals. Rodents and insects (including rodents and insects inside the devices).


Service centers do not replace the product and do not make a refund!

The following accessories of the products are not subject to warranty and free warranty maintenance services:

  • Documentation attached to the product;
  • the housing of the device, power supply cable, connector cables, charger and headphones (for cellular phones), the backlight, the indoor plastic parts (for refrigerators), bags and flexible hoses for vacuum cleaners;
  • mechanical and / or physical damage to all parts;

Warranty and free warranty maintenance services are not performed in case of: unfilled warranty certificate (no stamp, signature of the seller, the date of the sale, the serial number), and also in case of loss of the warranty certificate.

Periodic maintenance of the product is done by the workers of the authorized service center – at the consumer’s request for an additional fee.

Dear Customer!

If you find any defects, damage or malfunctions of the product during the warranty period or after its expiration, we kindly ask you to quickly contact the authorized service center.

This condition is indicated to warn you against damaging or unauthorized opening (repair) of the product you have purchased.